Cherry Shakewell


International Burlesque Sensation! The Lady of the Cake

She's a Brighton girl born and bred and we're not sure if it was the sea air or that she was just born to do it but this girl sure knows how to tassel and tease!!! Now frequenting the streets of London, a powerhouse of bumps and grinds she will captivate all who cast their eye upon this lady's hourglass figure.

In her dancing career She has travelled the world wiggling and whirling for the likes of Gucci, Fat boy Slim, Richard Branson, Colin Farrell, Fun Lovin Criminals, David Walliams and Jeremy Irons

In tandem with this Cherry has forayed into the world of film and music promos with The Culture Show, Keane and Sherlock Holmes 2 to name but a few recently under her belt.

She has had the delight of performing across Europe in places such as Milan, Rome. Venice, The Moulin Rouge in Paris and Wiltons music hall in London

She also produces the glamorous James Bond themed variety night Pussy Galore.

Damn, can the girl dance. Not just a pretty-in-timewith- the-beat, wiggling, provocative, technically sound kinda way. But screaming the kind of confidence that makes the room shut up and stare. Latest 7

One of burlesque's finest shimmy-shakers.. time out

Queen of kitsch, strutter extraordinaire, wiggler and whirler to the stars, Ms Shakewell really is the icing on the cake! BĂȘte Noire

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