Laura Nixon is Marilyn Monroe


Laura first started impersonating Marilyn at 16. I used to go to Jazz gigs quite a lot back then at one show I saw a Marilyn impersonator, she wiggled on and the room fell silent. She sang I wanna be loved by you the audience went crazy. I knew straight away that's what a wanted to do.

It has taken Laura years to perfect my hair, makeup and voice to be just like Marilyn. A hugely talented makeup artist and stylist named Sean Chapman gave laura the most amazing advice and support, without him I wouldn't be doing Marilyn at all. All my dresses are bespoke by Renaissance Creative Design, my costumes have a contemporary twist, I like to think they're what Marilyn would choose to wear were she alive today.

In July 2004, Laura did her first ever corporate gig as Marilyn. Hired by Chrysler to promote a new line of convertible cars, it was a fantastic event full of people, champagne and photographers. Appearances for HSBC, Phones 4 U, Gay Pride, British Airways and Marie Curie soon followed.

Laura's travelled a great deal with Marilyn; the most exciting trip was traveling to Bulgaria to launch Marilyn' Cigarettes. During my trip to Bulgaria I was on live TV twice and had many magazine interviews.

Another favourite Marilyn appearance was singing Happy Birthday' to the Mayor of Brighton and Hove, with surprising ease I managed to gate crash his birthday party and sang to him. It made the papers and I believe the photograph still hangs in Mayors office. Turning on the Brighton's Christmas lights with Frank Sinatra and Elvis was a fantastic evening too.

Without question performing on stage is what Laura loves the most about being Marilyn. As well as singing all of Marilyn's hits she loves to get to know her audience.
She's had the privilege of performing for live audiences as large as 10,000 people, however small audiences have their own charm, & sometimes the smaller parties are the best; to me size doesn't always matter!

She have appeared at hundreds of birthday parties over the years & loves being a surprise and making the event really special.
Laura just can't wait for the next party!

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