Steve Pitron


Always a favourite on the Wild Fruit dance floor.
His ability to pick the right tune at the right time and mix them to perfection gains him love and affection wherever he plays. Cue the reminiscing grins when you mention his marquee-busting Wild Fruit tent set at Brighton Pride 2008.

1992 was the date, Compton's in London's Soho the venue and Pitron the debuting dj. From there it was onto Substation and the rest, as they say, is history. Residencies and guest slots have included Heaven, Substation, PSP, Salvation, Juicy, Crash, Later, Orange, Area, Matinee in London and, of course, Wild Fruit in Brighton and Pitron's ever impressive DJ CV continues.
You'll also need to add his production prowess re-mixing Danni Minogue whilst 2007 saw him join forces with Soulcast's Max Sanna remixing and collaborating with artists including Kelly Rowland, Seamus Haji, Bob Sinclar, Angie Stone, Sugababes, Florence and The Machine and Dina Vass.

And so back to that glorious 2007 Wild Fruit Tent moment. A guest dj without the attitude, with a selection of tunes that lifted an already deliriously Proud crowd even higher, Pitron reminded all those lucky enough to be there what clubbing is all about. The love of a good time, a good tune, a good day. In a business where dj's can wax lyrical forever about the styles they play and the genres they share Pitron keeps it simple.
'I play house music. If I like it, I play it.'
Well we like it. Keep playing it Mr Pitron.

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