Neil Duffie


No DJ welcomes you to a club like Mr Duffie. He knows exactly which heartstrings to pull to get you on the dance floor and that welcome isn't just reserved for the clubbers. He's the DJs favourite DJ.

You just know he's gonna find the tune you wanna hear at the moment you want it. If anyone put a smile into dance music it's Neil. His love for a good tune is more than infectious. Always on the button, he knows how to push yours. Whether warming up with funk fuelled full on house for Wild Fruit or delivering the tech driven dirty beats of Rebel Duffie delivers.

He may not be a headline act but without Duffie clubbing wouldn't be the same. He is the clubs bass line. Setting the tone, seducing us on to the dance floor and making our Fruity souls sing or the making the Rebel in us dance till the early morning.

Neil Duffie. A true DJs DJ.

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