Jeffrey Hinton


Play with or alongside Jeffrey Hinton and you will soon appreciate why this dj is so respected on the scene. Notoriously PR free hunt the media and you find no hype just rave reviews - Jeffrey Hinton is one of the gay club scene's godfathers. He has spun and spun and spun - once felling Leigh Bowery over in the process apparently! And few can remember a club Hinton hasn't played at. Although it would be easier to recall decks he hasn't graced here's part of the list. Taboo, Queer Nation, Fruit Machine, Daisy Chain, Bootylicious, Discotec, Vertigo, Pacha, The Fridge, Test Lounge, Sunday Sundae and of course Wild Fruit.

Every inch not the superstar DJ Hinton impresses each and everyone he plays alongside with his genuine love of this job we call DJing. Be he fusing reggae with R'n'B and old skool at Discotec, keeping the disco soul and funk glitterball-tastic at Queer Nation, playing alongside Mark Lawrence, the Hot Pantie Dancers of the past at The Fridge's Daily Chain or sweeting a Sundae crowd with an rare Aretha Franklin bootleg he is quite simply one of the best DJ's in the UK. Princess Julia claims he inspired her to start DJing don't you know.

He is the King of the queer disco. Or should that be Queen? Whatever his regal persuasion he certainly rules the deck. Attitude free, a knowledge and experience of djing many would spin for together with unlimited good taste in tunes, Jeffrey is a cut above your typical DJ. And when he brings that to the club, when you see him behind the decks you just know it's gonna go off. Over and over. Here's to him never stopping. Here's to Hinton!

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