Fat Tony


Many DJs claim the name legend but few deserve such status. It comes with hard work, innovation and delivering the soundtrack to some of our most memorable clubbing nights.

Fat Tony is one of those special few, a legend that makes each club he plays at a must-do destination. His take on house has shook dancefloors across the globe with celebrities and clubbers alike succumbing to that irresistible Fat groove. And its a groove that has helped clubs including Trade, Paradise Factory, DTPM ,Wild Fruit & Orrange join Fat Tony in the league of clubland legends.

Fat Tony is the kind of DJ you have to hear. He has that something, that special something its hard to put in words. Best you get what we mean on the dancefloor, where Fat Tony is reigns supreme.

Catch Tony at Brighton Pride MIAMI at Audio 1st September.
Plus weekly at Beyond and Orange, plus his monthly party Deelooded.


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