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What can we say about Paul Heron that hasn't already been said? A dj of real quality and passion and a handsome bugger to boot, Heron is rapidly becoming a house music hero on the gay clubbing scene. Be that house music soulful, funky, disco, tribal or electro, Heron adds that special something to a night.

A man his mates describe as humble, caring and passionate just one session on the dance floor with Paul and you'll soon understand why clubs including Orange, Beyond, Action, Monkey, A.M, Later, DTPM, Crash, Matinee, Area, Future, Discotec and Shadow Lounge have fallen under his spell.

When describing his Dj style he avoids the genre box. 'I play things I love and tunes I think will work! That ranges from soulful, funky or disco to tribal and electro. I like dropping things with samples people know and I also love breaking new records so I guess the best word for my style is eclectic.' And when Heron and Wild Fruit combine? 'Wild Fruit always has a fantastic atmosphere. If I had to name a tune that encompasses everything about Wild Fruit it would be Mark Knight ft Luciana's Party Animal. If you know what I mean!

We know what he means. Heron's special and whilst he may describe himself as 'fun, passionate and a touch neurotic' we'll go with words like decent, delicious and de-lovely.
Okay the DJ may not be God but with the likes of Heron on the decks they're pretty damn heavenly.

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