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Wild Fruit productions flyers have evolved from the earliest types made with "Letra-set" and cut-out & paste photographs to the glossy computer technology used today.

Early flyers are collectable like the collaboration between club legend TRADE and SHAME - hand pasted and photocopied by Trade Mark .

TRADE MARK must also be credited for wild fruit's "super heroes" cut-out flyer.

Computer technology enabled flyers to achieve a full colour, glossy and professional look & has been a prime mover in the field of extravagant and ingenious flyers using foiling and metallic finishes, original artwork , cut-out shapes and event scratch cards to great effect.

Wild Fruit never repeat a flyer or advertising - every one is unique and tailored to the event and theme. Some flyers have proved controversial like the "ORAL FRUITS" advertising and artwork which caught the attention of the manufacturer of OPAL FRUITS, others have found their way into books such as HIGH FLYERS or have won awards from the likes of D.J. Magazine.

Wild Fruit was the first club to feature photos of real customers on its advertising sparking a frenzy of copy-cat flyers and in fact Wild Fruit carried on this idea and invited clubbers to a special studio photo-session for the relevant pictures needed for our themed parties.

Wild Fruit is proud of its part in the history of flyer art.


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